The paperless plumber

It's been a fun few months here at Manion Plumbing. Some of our customers would have noticed that we have changed to a new computer system, some might've even noticed our phones have been brought into the 21st century. All of these changes have been made to improve our customer service.

In the past couple of weeks, we banished our old paper job cards and moved all of our plumbers to using an entirely web based platform (which is why they are on their phones at the start and end of each and every job). We have also implemented GPS tracking on all of our plumbers so we know exactly where they are at any given time. Our scheduling system gives us a better view of what our plumbers have been up to, and where they are going next, which should help us to better answer your frequent questions of "When will my plumber arrive?" and "Do you have someone available?".

Here is a full list of all the improvements we have made to our systems since August:

  • Implemented a full web based quoting, booking, scheduling and invoicing system
  • Installed a new, VOIP based phone system, which is linked to our web based job system
  • Launched this brand new website
  • Launched Paypal payments for invoices
  • Launched a customer satisfaction survey

We aren't stopping at that though, the following improvements are in development now so you should be seeing them in the coming months:

  • Web based customer bookings
  • SMS alerts (including notifications to let you know when a plumber is booked, and when your plumber is on the way)

If you would like information on how we achieved such a mammoth task in a short amount of time, feel free to give us a call.